The LTD boasts peak off-road performance, along with the comfort and luxurious styling this range is known for.


The new P-SERIES LTD is the complete package when it comes to weekend adventures and exploring off the beaten track:

  • Front Winch: essential for getting you or others out of sticky situations.
  • Snorkel: ensuring optimal air intake by providing clean air on dirt roads, keeping the air filter clean and improving performance especially when driving through shallow water.
  • Steel Front & Rear Bumpers: protecting your pick-up and enhancing the durability for the hard yards of off-road driving.
  • Thermal Management Mode: ensuring your pick-up doesn't overheat on your off-road adventures.
  • 12V Power Interface: providing power for auxiliary equipment like an air compressor in the engine compartment, with another power interface conveniently positioned close to the trailer hitch.
  • 120Watt 220V: located in the interior next to the rear USB port.

Experience the opulence of a high-end SUV combined with the functionality and resilience of a double cab. Don't delay - get behind the wheel today!

Terms and Conditions

The advertised instalment includes a monthly service fee of R69 including VAT. Total cost of financing includes an initiation fee of R1 208 including VAT. Interest rates are linked to the prime lending rate which is currently 11.75% and are subject to change in the event that the prime lending rate changes. Finance offers are subject to approval from HAVAL Finance, a product of WesBank – a division of FirstRand Bank Ltd. An authorised Financial Services and Registered Credit Provider. NCRCP20. Offer valid until 31 March 2024. Terms and conditions apply. Visual for illustration purposes only.

SPECIFIC MODEL DETAILS NO. OF MONTHS RATE PRIME + DEPOSIT BALLOON RETAIL Incl VAT INITIATION FEE Incl VAT PAYMENT + Monthly admin fee (R69) Total cost of Finance including monthly admin and balloon
P-SERIES PV D-CAB 2.0TD LTD 4X4 8AT 72 -3.17% 10% 40% R694,950 R1,208 R8,299 R875,520