Meyers Motors Isuzu hosted the Algoa FM Charity Golf Day in conjunction with Algoa FM on the 18th of August 2023 at the East London Golf Club.

The 2023 beneficiary was Hope Schools

A cheque for R20 000 was handed over from Isuzu. “Sponsors were quick to tee up, with Meyers Motors ISUZU leading the field as the Platinum Sponsor of the event,” says Algoa FM marketing manager Lesley Geyer.

Funds raised went towards the purchase of an industrial floor polisher, four computers, a brush cutter, and a chainsaw. Together with Meyers Motors Isuzu, Algoa FM raised over R100 000 for the charity.

“Being a beneficiary of this event will be an enormous blessing to more than 300 children from disadvantaged communities from around East London,” says Nigel Raw, the headmaster of Hope Schools. “Being sustainable is one of our bigger and more challenging goals. We have an amazing 1 000 seat multi-purpose sports hall (with a climbing wall). Our goal is to rent this facility out,” says Raw.

The computers were needed to complete the computer room.

“Algoa FM understands that quality education is key to breaking the cycle of poverty, which is why it is one of our corporate social responsibility pillars,” says Geyer.

According to Connor Thorp, Meyers Motors ISUZU sales manager, the Meyers Motors Group supported the charity golf day as part of its commitment to improving education in the province. “Meyers Motors continuously looks for opportunities to help drive education within our community. We know that education leads to transformation, so we assist where we can to ensure that our youth have the best opportunities to strive for greatness,” he says.

“The Algoa FM Charity Golf Day is a highlight for many golfers on the East London calendar,” says Thorp.

The handover of items purchased for Hope Schools was hosted by the school Principal and staff on Thursday, 23rd November 2023.

Meyers Motors Isuzu
Meyers Motors Isuzu


THE HOPE EDUCATION TRUST - visit their website HERE


Our Mission is to provide excellent education and holistic care for our children throughout their schooling years in order to prepare the children for further studies, to engage as entrepreneurs or to be ready for the work place.

Constrained by the love of Jesus, to see the highest possible future for all our children at Hope Schools, with a special focus on uplifting those from disadvantaged communities impacted on by unemployment, HIV/AIDS, and other social ills, in order for them to be responsible, productive and successful citizens.

How learners are supported

Our children are fetched from and dropped off at their homes daily by our buses to ensure they get to and from school safely.

Each school day our children receive cooked breakfast, cooked lunch, & two snacks to ensure they receive the nutrition needed to stay healthy.

We provide quality education to classes of 22 children by employing trained, compassionate and committed teachers and support staff.


We provide emotional and spiritual care for every child throughout the school day and in activities beyond the classroom.