Original Educare Centre
New Sifunda Sivuya Educare Classroom

Christmas Comes Early for Phakamisa Childcare Centre

In the true spirit of Christmas, Meyers Motors, with support from Isuzu Childlife, transformed the Sifunda Sivuya Educare into a spacious centre for young children.

The Sifunda Sivuya Educare Centre is an early childhood development centre situated in Phakamisa, about 60 kilomtres outside East London, and just a few minutes’ drive from Meyers Motors in King Williams Town.

This year 17 children were enrolled at the school but were unable to return to school due to limited space in the shack structure which does not allow for social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic. Early Childhood Development Centres (ECDCs) must be compliant with these guidelines.

Thanks to a generous donation of R120 000 by Isuzu Childlife, a foundation which was established by Isuzu and its dealer network, to support projects which focus on the needs of children, especially those in disadvantaged communities and vulnerable circumstances.

The learners of Sifunda Sivuya Educare Centre will now receive their education in a refurbished prefab building. The building has been split into two classrooms - allowing the teachers to have their own space and giving the school an opportunity to grow in numbers.

The staff and children’s excitement could hardly be contained during the recent handover ceremony.

Ashley Davis-Taylor, Dealer Principal at Meyers Motors, says the dealership, with branches in East London and King Williams Town, strives to make a notable difference in the communities where they operate.

“As Isuzu we are aware of our surroundings and are always eager to help in the communities in which we operate. By forging strategic partnerships, we are able to create a better environment for those whom we share it with. Meyers Motors employees also donated a range of educational toys, arts and craft supplies, for the school to use. The team also assisted with painting, signage and decorating the classrooms,” said Davis-Taylor.

Sifunda Sivuya Educare Centre is guided by the Loaves & Fishes Network, a non-profit organisation (NPO) which facilitates and assists 22 centres in the Buffalo City Metro. The NPO guides these various ECDCs for a period of one to three years to assist them in becoming independent.

Pateka Mtintsilana, General Manager of the Loaves & Fishes Network, said partnerships built between these centres and various businesses such as Isuzu and Meyers Motors, create long-term sustainability in the rural areas.

“The assistance we are getting from Meyers Motors, especially with this centre in this area, is a big deal to us and to the families in the Phakamisa area. The most exciting element is that these children now have a conducive and safe learning space. The new school creates pride and restores dignity of our teachers and learners,” said Mtinzelana.

The Sifunda Sivuya Educare Centre currently has access to water and a large vegetable garden which the staff, community and children tend to.

This year Isuzu ChildLife supported 17 projects across the country worth R1.5 million.