What Causes Improper Wheel Alignment?

  • Sudden impact when you hit something at enough speed.
  • Encounters with potholes and manholes without covers can seriously damage your car’s suspension. It can also impact wheel alignment and balancing. This will drastically impair your vehicle’s fuel efficiency, and more importantly, your safety.
  • Small collisions and hitting a curb can also take your car out of alignment.

Symptoms of incorrect wheel alignment

If you suspect that you may need a wheel alignment, here are a few signs and symptoms to look for and what to do:

  • Car pulling to either side – To check, drive down the centre of a vacant road and pay close attention to how your steering responds.
  • Vibrating steering wheel – This can adversely affect tyre wear and lead to a flat or tyre blowout if not speedily addressed.
  • Uneven tyre wear – Excessive wear on the inside edge and/or the outside edges of tyres. If your tyre-wear patterns are off-centred or one tyre is more worn than the other.

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