Haval H9

Introducing the Haval H9

A responsive SUV

A marvel of modern engineering, the Haval H9 is an SUV with more. Take total control by choosing from one of six available driving modes, namely Auto, 4L, Sport, Desert, Snow and Mud road for the ultimate versatility. Control driving modes via the multi-functional display button that activates the system that controls the braking and acceleration of the engine to achieve optimal control while driving.

A powerful performance

The H9 stand out due to its powerful 2-litre turbocharged engine, featuring fuel injection technology that makes it behave in the same way as a 3-litre engine. Crammed with power and performance, enhancing features, the engine has a max output of 160kW at 5500rpm, so you know you will always have power when you need it most. Its double-wishbone independent front suspension absorbs motion traverse forces and distributes weight optimally to keep the body stable amid tricky conditions.

Comfort and convenience

If you are looking for an F1 racing car experience, then consider the optional extras available with the Haval H9, from the option to seamlessly switch between manual driving and automatic driving modes to consistently deliver a flawless ride. For added protection, the six-speed gearbox features a safety locking function to ensure that the shift lever cannot switch gear unexpectedly.

Contact Haval King William's Town or Haval Queenstown now to book a test drive in the new Haval H9 as soon as possible!