Isuzu F Series
Heavy Commercial Trucks - Starting from R889 200

ISUZU F-Series Trucks

When it comes to commercial heavy-duty vehicles, ISUZU’s F-Series of trucks top the list, setting the standard in cutting-edge fuel economy, road safety and eco-friendliness. ISUZU’s 20-model F-Series truck line comprises medium trucks ranging from 10 700 to 26 000 GVM. Each high-torque F-Series truck’s turbocharged engine is designed to provide more than enough power to carry the heaviest loads - safely and economically. Enter ISUZU’s world-renowned common rail diesel design, one that provides outstanding fuel efficiency, while drastically reducing carbon emissions.

The F-Series Delivers on Performance & Practicality

When it comes to power and performance, you can expect to get more than you bargained for when you look at the F-Series - a range of sturdy but efficient and economical vehicles that will go the distance without hurting your bottom line. Packed with leading-edge technology, the F-Series combines pragmatism with power in a heavy-duty vehicle that will do the job, even in the toughest, most demanding conditions and terrains. That’s why this range is loved by business and fleet owners the world over.

Experience Safety & Versatility

Owning an ISUZU F-Series truck means holding the key to only the very best in heavy-duty vehicle technology, from Automatic Manual Transmission (AMT) (only is available in the FRR 600, FSR 800, FSR 800 Crew Cab and FTR 850 options) and interior comfort to unrivalled on-road safety features that make these daily runners a top choice for so many operators.

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