Opel crossland
Introducing the Crossland
Starting From R349 900

​Opel Crossland 

​You will surely be impressed by the Opel Crossland  which has the best features and extras. It is the ultimate crossover if you are looking for something convenient or just something for your weekend fun. 

Opel crossland

Urban lifestyle

Opel’s Crossland is the perfect match for your urban lifestyle due to its sleek and compact SUV design. This Crossland is practical yet sporty and has high-end technology. The controls and dials are placed conveniently for easy access while you drive. The vehicle’s interior uses high-quality materials as well as chrome detailing. The interior is luxurious and ergonomic with AGR certified seats.

You will surely stand out in a crowd with the Opel Crossland two-tone panoramic roof which makes a sure style statement. The vehicle has LED lights at the front, which provides drivers with a beam that is 30% brighter than usual, and this will allow for increased visibility. It will ensure optimum visibility no matter what condition you are driving in. The cornering lights offer additional visibility and it allows the driver to observe hidden obstructions and park more easily. The high beam assist helps to recognise oncoming vehicles without the risk of glare on other drivers.

Panoramic view camera

The car also has a 180-degree panoramic view camera which gives you to better vision to see what is happening at every point of the vehicle. The camera will detect any possible issues along the way and even allows you to zoom in so that you can see each object clearer. The park assist function will help you with your parallel parking and assist you in getting out of parking spots without even using your hands.

Using the camera that is at the front of the vehicle, the SUV will keep you in the know if there are upcoming pedestrians or vehicles. It will automatically brake or slow down if an emergency arises. ou can connect to your smartphone using the Radio R 4.0 IntelliLink Infotainment System which links your smartphone intelligently via Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

crossland interior.

Model Range

    Opel Crossland 1.2 M/T From: R349 900
    Opel Crossland Edition 1.2T A/T From: R439 900
     OPEL Crossland GS Line
    Opel Crossland GS Line 1.2T A/T From: R499 900