opel Grandland x
Introducing the Grandland X
Starting From R 604 900

Opel Grandland X

The Opel Grandland X is amazing with its technologically advanced features and attention to detail. It is sleek and offers many top-notch features together with amazing luxury. With the Grandland X, adventure is knocking on your door. This SUV is a definite style statement and is bold, muscular and athletic. You can add colour coded handles, bumpers and side mirrors to yours if you want.

Opel Grandland X

Customise the interior to suit your needs

This vehicle will offer you a smooth ride with its soft materials used inside the vehicle. You can customise the interior to suit your needs and your preferences. You can choose between smart design or make a bold statement with your Opel Grandland X. Or choose from cloth, leatherette, or leather seat trim. You can also choose between leather seats and a leather-covered steering wheel.

If you want to make your SUV more exciting, then opt for the two-tone roof or a panoramic sunroof. You will surely enjoy the ambient interior lamps and ambient lighting in console and front doors.

Smart AFL LED headlamps

The smart AFL LED headlamps are there to provide 30% better visibility than the halogen lights. These lights offer increased night visibility which will improve your safety without being uncomfortable for other drivers. The AFL system will adjust the headlamps to allow for maximum visibility. These include country light, motorway light, pedestrian light, cornering light, adverse weather light & dynamic bend light.

The high beam headlamp control will automatically switch off the high beams in the event that there are cars on the oncoming lane. The vehicle also comes with lane departure warning which will prevent accidents by alerting the driver with an audio and visual signal. It also has a side blind-spot alert with ultrasonic sensors which monitor what is happening in the blind spots.

Opel Grandland X

Model Range

    Grandland X
    Opel Grandland X 1.6 A/T From: R 604 900
    Grandland X
    Opel Grandland X Edition 1.6T A/T From: R 674 900
    Grandland X
    Opel Grandland X Elegance 1.6T A/T From: R 704 900