Introducing the C3 AIRCROSS
Starting from R438 500


The SUV features Citroen’s graphic signature which reflects the newer model Citroen vehicles. Its wheel arches have protracted wings and lower panels which ensure that your vehicle is protected from small impacts. Citroen vehicles offer advanced comfort, and this is no different. The C3 Aircross SUV provides drivers and passengers with amazing comfort that we believe to be unmatched.


The Citroen C3 SUV is a compact SUV and is ready to take on any adventure life throws your way. Whether you are taking the highway or the city, the C3 SUV is the ideal companion. It is the ideal mix between compact and spacious with an astounding boot capacity of 520 litres.

The Citroen C3 SUV is unique and stylish with distinct and striking good looks. It will surely stand out amongst other SUVs as it is fresh and original with unique designs and a robust and exciting body. The vehicle has LED lights and has been inspired by the C Aircross. Its rear quarter lights are made up of polycarbonate which has a shutter effect in the middle which gives it a strong and striking look.