Introducing the C3
Starting from R 289 900


This car will have you falling in love with it, upon seeing it for the very first time. It has a charismatic front and beautiful curves which make it look energetic and fun. The vehicle has a stylish floating roof design and is available in red with black windscreen pillars making it really stand out in a crowd. Its air pump panels are a signature Citroen feature and it offers the car its own unique personality and class. The panels are made of thermoplastic polyurethane material which ensures that they are protected from degradation and the sun’s harmful rays.


The all-new Citroen C3 is a compact hatchback that is definitely making a comeback. This vehicle is stylish and trendy while still managing to be up to date with technology. You will be able to customise yours with different coloured inserts and graphic elements like Airbump panels. This vehicle is expressive and unique, making it the ideal car for you if you want to leave a lasting impression. It has advanced comfort and many new technologies.

​The Citroen C3 is available in polar white, platinum grey and soft sand. These colours can be paired up with the Sport Red Roof which makes the car look even more fun and funky. The seats are aesthetically pleasing, and they are comfortable as well. They truly immerse you and your passengers in a bubble. The car’s storage compartments have been designed to get the most out of the space available in the car with large storage compartments on the front doors.

It has a boot storage space of 300 litres and is ideal for holidays and adventures. To book a test drive or to find out more about this car, contact us or come in and see the Citroen C3 for yourself. It is definitely a must-see and you will be amazed at all that it has to offer for such a compact car.