Introducing the Peugeot 108 5D
Starting from R 219 900


The all-new Peugeot 108 5D is stylish and elegant. It will get the attention wherever it goes with its urban design and attention to detail. You can customise your car to suit your personality. 

There are eight colours to choose from and various themes. We also have special edition models and many interiors to choose from. 

The headlights of this beauty are set into its bodywork and are high-tech LED lights which add to the car’s overall elegance. The rear lights form three claws and they look as though they are emerging from the car’s body. The Peugeot 108 5D comes with a 7-inch touchscreen at the centre of its dashboard. You can control the radio from this screen and use it as an on-board computer to change the settings of your car. The driver is also able to view important information on this screen.

The screen can also mirror your smartphone with its mirror screen technology which enables you to view your smartphone menu directly on your touchscreen. This car is nothing short of comfort for a compact car and delivers a generous boot space and smart interiors. The interior was designed with the purpose of maximising the space inside the vehicle. With a capacity of 243 litres an expandable boot space of up to 868 litres which can be achieved by folding the rear seats.

The Peugeot 108 has an economical and efficient 3-cylinder engine and is available in manual transmission. It has an air conditioning system which controls the cabin temperature, airflow rate and the air intake. The car also comes with hillside assist which immobilises the car for a moment allowing the driver to move his foot from the brake to the accelerator. To find out more about this car or to arrange a test drive, simply contact us.