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What Our Customers Say
“I expected to pay an arm and a leg for genuine Peugeot parts but instead I got a great deal from Meyers Motors in King Williams Town. The staff there were so helpful and friendly, it really left an impression on me.” - Merle, King William's Town


If you expect your Peugeot to remain reliable and roadworthy you should get your vehicle serviced often. New Peugeot vehicles come standard with a 5 years or 100 000km (whichever transpires first) warranty. This means that you will need to service your vehicle on time to ensure this warranty remains valid. Servicing also allows you to drive your Peugeot vehicle for longer and ensures that you get the most out of it.

If you want our technicians to have a look at your vehicle and identify possible problems or any faulty components, you can bring it to us. They will inform you if any part needs replacing or fixing. We only install genuine Peugeot parts in your vehicle as we are committed to excellence. This will ensure that the vehicle does not cost you an arm and a leg to fix later on.

You should always ensure that repairs and services are done by registered Peugeot technicians like the ones we have at Meyers Motors Peugeot. Ensure that your vehicle is only fitted with genuine Peugeot parts and spares so that it runs longer.

Peugeot genuine parts have been engineered and tested to meet the specific design of Peugeot vehicles’ and its standards. You are valuable to us and so is your car’s performance and your safety. Book your service or repair online with us.

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*Please wait for your confirmation from our booking agent before bringing the vehicle in. We endeavour to book within 24-48 hours.