Introducing the Peugeot BOXER L2H1
Starting from R599 900

The Boxer L2H1 is economical and cleverly designed with you in mind. This vehicle’s robust design makes it ideal for your business. The new Boxer L2H1 has undergone many tests to ensure that it is able to withstand severe conditions and delivers on excellence.

It delivers on its strength and reliability as it has been put to the test, including 4 000 000km of rolling on all kinds of roads to test its engine. It also underwent a saltwater corrosion test. The Boxer is ready for action and is the perfect partner for your business needs. It has an advanced front suspension and anti-roll bar; it also offers you amazing driveability. It delivers ultimate stability and has excellent road handling capabilities.

The rear sills can be lowered for easier loading and offloading, plus the vehicle offers a quieter ride due to its longitudinal single-blade mechanical suspension. The vehicle also has a rail injection system that is present on each Boxer that has an HDi engine. This has the function of making it fuel-efficient and having fewer CO2 emissions while ensuring that you have extra power.

Together with all its convenient functions, the Boxer also has many safety features like ABS with EBD and power steering and Hill Assist to prevent the vehicle from rolling on an incline. It also has a driver airbag for added security, giving you peace of mind as you transport your goods and equipment.

The Boxer L2H1 is perfect for any type of business and has a small wheel arch to accommodate a larger and more effective loading space. The vehicle can also be converted to a 19-seater taxi, an ambulance or a chassis cab. It can be adapted to suit your needs and is perfect if you need versatility.